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Turbopulse - Turbine Flowmeter

Turbopulse turbine flowmeters are precise, reliable and robust units for the volumentric flow measurement of clean low viscosity liquids.


  • Long life tungsten carbide bearings title
  • 15 sizes from 15 to 500mm (½ to 20")
  • Wide variety of process connections
    • BSP / NTP male to 50mm (2")
    • ANSI or DIN flanges
    • Hygenic tri-clamp
  • Pressure to 250 bar (3675 psi)
  • Standard range of - 50~120°C (-58~250°F)
  • High Temperature option to 150°C (300°F)
  • +/- 0.5% linearity (10:1 turndown)


  • Explosion proof or intrinsically safe coils
  • Integral or remote high speed preset Batch Controller
  • Integral or remote battery powered flow Rate Totaliser with scaled pulse output, analog and flow alarm outputs


Typical applications:
Chemical and allied products, pharmaceuticals, fuels, deionised water, fuel additives



Turbopulse Datasheet