Control System

Control System

Honeywell's hybrid controllers combine loop and logic control in a single cost-effective platform. The HC900 Hybrid Controller is ideal for unit process applications requiring analog measurements with discrete actions

Experion LX (DCS)

Honeywell Experion LX is a distributed control system (DCS) for small to mid-sized continuous and batch process controll applications.


HC900/ HC900 SIL-2

altA cost-effective platform for unit process applications requiring analog/discrete measurements with analog/discrete actions


ML200 - Programmable Logic Controller


Providing real power, performance and versatility with compact size, high speed scanning of I/O channels and execution of program


ML50 - Compact PLC


An economical automation platform for many industrial control applications with high performance and functionality


Experion HS (SCADA)

Experion HS is a powerful software platform that incorporates innovative applications for Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).


Operator Interface HCiX Touch Screen

altAllow operator to access HC900 or PLC thru custom graphics and touch screen interface on colour LCD Display.


SpecView32 (SCADA HMI)

SpecView 32 is a low cost, auto configuring SCADA package which communicates with control and monitoring instruments.


RTU 2020

The Honeywell RTU 2020 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is a powewrful, modular, and scalable controller capable of all remote automation and control applications.