Honeywell's flow transmitters measure differential pressure, absolute or gauge pressure and process temperature.

VersaFlow Coriolis

altMeasures mass flow, density, volume, temperature, mass or volume concentration, and solids content          


VersaFlow Magnetic

altAll meters consist of a sensor and a converter that may be integrally or remotely mounted


VersaFlow Vortex

altThe only vortex flow meter with integrated pressure & temperature compensation in 2-wire technology                          


VersaFlow Ultrasonic

altAn ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter that can be mounted on the outside of a pipe to measure the flowrate of liquids 


SMV3000 Smart Multivariable

altCalculate compensated mass/volume flow rate according to standard industry methods for air, gases, steam & liquids


SCT3000 Smartline Configuration Toolkit

altEngineering and maintenance tool, easy access to all Smartline configuration database parameters using Windows technology


MC Toolkit- MCT404

The Honeywell Multi Communication (MC) Toolkit model MCT404 is a rugged and reliable hendheld solution for configuring, calibrating, monitoring, and diagnosing smart field instruments. The MC Toolkit application allows you to manage Honeywell DE devices, including SmartLine Transmitters, online as well as offline.