MC ToolKit - MCT404

MC ToolKit - MCT404

The Honeywell Multi Communication (MC) Toolkit model MCT404 is a rugged and reliable handheld solution for configuring, calibrating, monitoring and diagnosing smart field instruments. It is supported by a rich and intuitive user interface based on the Windows Embedded HandHeld 6.5 operating system with an integrated HART/DE modem. This tool supports an IrDA port for provisioning ISA100-based wireless devices.

The MCT404 is compatible with Honeywell’s PIE tool to configure Honeywell UDA2182 Analyzers and UDC controllers through it’s IrDa port. It supports two applications: the MC Toolkit for Honeywell DE devices and the Field Device Configurator (FDC) application to configure universal HART devices. The MC Toolkit application allows you to manage Honeywell DE devices, including SmartLine transmitters, online as well as offline.



Ø  Configures any Honeywell DE device:

    SmartLine ST 3000, ST 800, ST 700 Pressure and STT 3000 Temperature Transmitters.

Ø  IrDA port enables IrDA Applications to interface with other IrDA standard devices including:

    Honeywell ISA100 Wireless devices, UDA 2182 Analyzers and UDC Controllers.

Ø  Configures any HART® device with a published HART Device Descriptions (DD), regardless of device manufacturer.

Ø  Industrial grade ruggedness with WP IP65 enclosure.

Ø  Memory Expandable through industrial grade SD card up to 32GB for data storage.

Ø  480*640 High resolution backlight display with ambient light sensor.

Ø  Numeric keypad with large buttons for easy operation or Alpha numeric key pads for convenience like mobile phone and ease of texting.


Ø  Supports Wi-Fi for rapid data exchange ; WLAN: 802.11 a/b/g/n.

Ø  Supports easy downloading of any new vendor’s DD files via a PC connection.

Ø  Intuitive graphical user interface provides simple navigation and device configuration.

Ø  Available in Intrinsically-safe as well as Non Intrinsically-safe versions:

Ø  Fully supports all HART 5.X, HART6.X and wired HART7.X. Commands and utilizes DD-IDE/SDC 625 technology and “Open” Tools standard.





MCT404 Datasheet


MCT404 Brochure