Remote Meter Assembly (RMA 3000)

Remote Meter Assembly (RMA 3000)

The Remote Meter Assembly (RMA 3000) functions as an output and status indicator for a compatible Honeywell Smartline Transmitter or as an output indicator for a non-Honeywell transmitter operating in a 4-20mA current loop. The RMA 3000 consists of a meter mounted in an aluminum explosion-proof housing with several protective paint styles available.

 Three meter types are available for mounting in the RMA 3000 housing: 

  • Smart Meter (SM 3000)
  • Digital Meter (DM 3000)
  • Analog Meter (ME 3000)



  • SM 3000: Digital readout gives precise indication of transmitter output from -19990 to +19990 in the selected engineering unit. These units vary with transmitter type and can be selected using a button on the meter bottom.
  • SM 3000 and DM 3000: Status messages service as on-line diagnostics and operational flags for the various detectable loop conditions and transmitter functions
  • SM 3000: Engineering unit indicators show what the digital readout represents. These eight units (inches H2O, PSI, mm Hg, deg F, deg C, GPM, GPH, %) are programmable for display on the LCD. A sheet containing other selectable engineering units as stick-on labels is supplied with the Smart Meter Manual. In transmitter square root mode, the display is 0 to 100 percentage of span.
  • The SM 3000 will automatically assume the transmitter is configured for analog communications if it doesn’t detect DE communications within 10 seconds after transmitter power-up. The user can change the transmitter configuration from analog to DE mode.



RMA3000 Datasheet