Sultan Positioning and Anti-Collision

Sultan Positioning and Anti-Collision

Principle of operation 

The SULTAN Positioning and Anti-Collision Master which is generally mounted on the moving machinery, emits a high powered acoustic wave transmit pulse. The pulse is detected by a Slave transducer mounted on a fixed position which immediately emits a pulse back to the Master on the moving machinery.
The Master transmitter calculates transit times and provides a 4-20mA output proportional to the position of the moving machinery in relation to the Slaves fixed

There is NO wiring requirement between the Master and Slave transducers, which allows for easy retrofit to existing shuttle conveyors, cranes, stackers, reclaimers, etc. Dust, Background noise, wet atmosphere, high winds can be compensated for by proper selection of operating frequency of the transducer. 

Primary areas of applications:

  • Mining
  • Power Stations
  • Smelters
  • Container Ports / Port Cranes


  • Non contact position control.
  • Low installation costs, low purchase price.
  • Ranges from 0-20m (65ft) (30kHz version) to 0-195m (640ft) (5kHz version).
  • Does not rely on any mechanical connection that may slip because of the material on the rails (Encoder problems).
  • On power-up, instantly knows its position.
  • No interconnecting cable required between the Master and Slave transducers.
  • No wearing parts, no maintenance costs.
  • Easy alignment adjustment (not critical like laser instruments
  • Easy to retrofit existing machines
  • Not affectd by reflecting surfaces eg roof struts, brackets, guard rails, trailing cables.
  • Either Master or Slave can be mounted on moving machinery.



Sultan 234 Positioning Datasheet