EchoSpan Two-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

EchoSpan Two-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

The general purpose ultrasonic level transmitter provides continuous level measurement up to 32.8' (10m) with a 4-20 mA signal output, and is configured via its integral push button display module. This non-contact liquid level sensor is ideally suited for corrosive, ultrapure, sticky or dirty liquids, and is broadly selected for bulk storage, day tank, lift station and process tank level applications.



Ø  Offered in 4 measurement ranges from 9.8' (3m) to 32.8' (10m)

Ø  Configuration is simple via integral push button display module

Ø  LCD display indicates level in inches, centimeters and percentages

Ø  Narrow 2" or 3" beam width for applications with limited measurement space

Ø  Fail-safe intelligence and diagnostic feedback for simple troubleshooting

Ø  PVDF transducer and NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure for corrosive liquids

Ø  Automatic temperature compensation for accurate measurement




EchoSpan LU81/83/84 Datasheet


EchoSpan LU81/83/84 Manual


EchoSpan LU81/83/84 Quck Start