Switch-Pro with Compact Junction Box

Switch-Pro with Compact Junction Box

Intended for side wall installation, the general purpose level switch package provides reliable liquid level detection with one 1A relay and a compact junction box for integral wiring termination. Available in two level sensor technologies, select the type and material based upon your application media. This liquid level switch package is widely applied in bulk storage and process tank level applications as a high level alarm or low level alarm. 


Ø  Rugged PP, Ryton® or PFA sensor for corrosive liquid applications

Ø  60VA relay selectable NO or NC via power supply wiring polarity

Ø  Polypropylene enclosure rated NEMA 4X with swivel base and terminal strip

Ø  Offered in 2 sensing technologies for broad application coverage: ultrasonic & vibration




Switch-Pro AZ18 Datasheet


Switch-Pro AZ18 Manual