The general purpose level controller displays engineering units with four 4-20 mA continuous level sensor inputs and 6 programmable relays. Select from one of three run configurations including:

·         Multi-tank with 4 level sensor inputs and 4 relays.

·         Pump control with 1 level sensor input and 6 relays for lift stations in simplex (one pump) or duplex (two pumps) level control modes.

·         Differential level with 2 level sensor inputs and 4 relays for municipal screen or rake control. 

Relays can be configured on a single set point (high level alarm or low level alarm) or latched on two set points for automatic fill or empty pump or valve control with selectable time delay. The graphic LCD display indicates span and relay status for each input channel. The optional MicroSD card enables data-logging storage and retrieval.



Ø  Multi-tank controller with three run mode configurations

Ø  Easy configuration via the push button display module

Ø  Graphic LCD display indicates channel span and relay status

Ø  DIN enclosure with NEMA 4X faceplate and shallow case

Ø  Easy data logging and retrieval via optional MicroSD card

Ø  32-point linearization function for volumetric measurement

Ø  Simulation mode for configuration testing and troubleshooting




Commander LI90 Datasheet


Commander LI90 Manual


Commander LI90 Quick Start