Deltawave - Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Pipes, Open Channels and Rivers

Deltawave - Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Pipes, Open Channels and Rivers

Our new measuring system deltawave is not only a precise flowmeter for open channels,filles and partially filled pipes but also a temperatur meter and a flow profile analysis tool.

Due to the unique patent pending signal analysis deltawave works under extreme conditions, maintenance-free, calibration-free and reliably. The measurement system monitors itself continously and the multi-channel property ensures redundant safety.

With only one deltawave, you can realize up to four independent measurement sites, significantly reducing the equipment cost. This feature, combined with the high accuracy up to 0.5% makes deltawave to one of the most powerful measuring systems.


Suitable for field acceptance tests of hydraulic turbines

Because of the high accuracy, field acceptance tests of hydraulic turbines, storage pumps and pump-turbines are possible due to ISO60041 and ASME PTC 18. Accuracies up to 1% could be achieved in open channels without calibration.

In filled pipes or channels you will get an accuracy of 0.5% of reading. But measuring with deltawave do not means only accuracy. The optimized transducers ensures long-term stable measuring without maintenance. This has been proven successfully by public authorities.


New signal analysis

Ultrasonic signals are disturbed by a large number of influences: EMC, gas or solid loading, machine noise etc. Systec has developed a new kind of evaluation method to ensure an accurate and reliable measurement even under extreme conditions. Because of the signal correlation analysis the ultrasonic signals are cognizable even if the the amplitude of the noise is a multiple of the signal amplitude. That and the high time-resolution of the transducers are the reasons that DELTAWAVE measures even the smalles flow speeds reliably and accurate.


Optimize your process costs!

You do not need expensive and lavish construction work any longer.

Wether huge culverts nor big MID’s or Venturis are needed. The ultrasonic transducers of DELTAWAVE are simply mounted directly on the channel wall or pipe.

We develop and produce individual mounting solutions for your individual application. Uninterruptible mounting and servicing is possible for the very most applications. Using established mounting rails – as shown in the picture – is only one solution. We look forward to discuss you measuring challenge.

Therefor, longsome and expensive standstills will be avoided from the beginning.


Efficient and reliable

Because of it’s capability to serve up to 4 independent measuring points DELTAWAVE is an efficient and sophisticated system. Using our individual mounting solutions the installation and the start-up can be done very fast and economical. That and the maintenance-free operation ensures minimal operational costs.

It is always possible to upgrade you DELTAWAVE with additional transducers – for example to add a new measurement location. So DELTAWAVE is ready for your future growth. This is another advantage to reduce your operational costs.



Field of applications

  • Wastewater: Monitoring of plant inflow and outflow, control of rain trapping ponds, feeding of parallel ponds, monitoring of channal hydrology, recognition of false water quantities
  • Thermal power stations: Monitoring of cooling water quantities for accounting purposes due to ISO60041 and ASME PTC 18, optimazation of the pump performance, leak detection systems, exact determination of the mean water temperature, even in case of temperature skeins.
  • Hydro electric power plants: Turbine and pump monitoring, optimazation of the turbine efficiency, turbine acceptance according to ISO60041 and ASME PTC 18, leak detection, monitoring of inflow and outflow
  • Watermanagement: Monitoring of navigability, Monitoring of hydro power plants, Flood protection.




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