altThe flowcom compensates for flowmeter errors due to pressure or temperature variations and computes mass or standard volume flow rates for gases, steam or liquids. It can even do so for a pair monitoring stations. It also computes heat transfer rates and thermal-energy contents for heat transfer media or refrigerants.

Flowcom employs the GERG88-equation in handling computations for natural gas. This equation was developed for billing purposes, and is accepted by all major European natural-gas utilities, such as Ruhr-Gas (Germany), British Gas (Great Britain), Distrigaz (Belgium), Gas de France (France), N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie (The Netherlands), S.N.A.M.S.p.A. (Italy), and the PTB (Germany). GERG88 is much more accurate than the AGA-NX-19-mod. formerly employed for L-gas and the AGA-NX-19-mod. BR. CORR. 3H formerly employed for H-gas.

titleAs a two channel version, the flowcom can calculate balances between supply and return lines.
A particular advantage of the flowcom: It does not operate based on problematic equations, but integrates a number of permanently stored tables of the mass densities and enthalpies of commonly employed media.
Flowcom will compensate the infloence of temperature and pressure on virtually each flowmeter such as integrating pitot tubes, orifices, venturis, vortex meters, mag meters, ultrasonic flowmeters, PD-meters…
The flowcom communications software runs under Windows.













  • Two complete pressure- and temperature-compensated flowrate monitoring channels in a single computer, which allows redundant, bi-directional, or split-range measurements .Averaging over as many as four dp-transmitters is optionally available.
  • Summation of the measured values of processing parameters for billing purposes.
  • Suitable for use with all commonly employed types of flowmeters, such as deltaflow integrating-pitot tubes, orifices, nozzles, venturis, vortex flowmeters, turbines, coriolis-force flow-meters, mag-meters, etc.
  • 24 VDC power supply for all connected two-wire transmitters may be supplied by the computer, if desired.
  • Programmable from plaintext menus displayed on a large, menu driven display using its integral front-panel keypad or via its RS-232 serial interface using our self-explanatory flowcom communications software.
  • The units to be employed, CGS-units, SI-units, or FPS-units, are freely selectable. Its compact display is capable of accommodating two flow circuits onscreen simultaneously.
  • Inputs: 2 sets of flow rate inputs (2 ea. 4 - 20 mA, plus 2 ea. pulse inputs), 2 ea. pressure inputs (4 - 20 mA), plus 2 sets of temperature inputs (2 ea. 3-conductor PT100-inputs, plus 2 ea. 4 - 20 mA inputs). All interfaced tansmitters/sensors are monitored by the computer. An alarm will be transmitted in the event of a malfunction (signal levels falling outside the ranges specified by NAMUR-recommendations).
    Outputs: 4 ea. 4 - 20 mA outputs, each of which is freely allocable, plus freely adjustable error currents, in compliance with NAMUR; 2 ea. pulse-counter outputs; 2 ea. alarm-triggering relays; RS-232 serial interface.
  • Precalibrated electronics: errors introduced by analog circuit components are offset by factory precalibrations.
  • The analog and digital sections of the computer are mutually electrically isolated.
  • Facilities for storing 2,600 records, each consisting of a pressure, a temperature, an NTP-volume flow rate, a mass flow rate or heat-transfer rate, and an user-defined sampling interval.
  • Comprehensive alarm protocols for fail-safe recording of past alarm conditions, including monitoring of transmitters and supply-voltage outages. The times at which malfunctions occurred and the times required for their elimination are also recorded.
  • Integral password protection.



Flowcom User Manual