S8000 Series - pH/ ORP Electrode

S8000 Series - pH/ ORP Electrode

The S8000 series flat surface self cleaning electrode platform is designed for versatility and flexibility. You

purchase only the components you need, and can adapt what you have to changing installation needs or interface options. The sensor utilizes Sensorex’s proven flat surface self-cleaning technology. The reference system has been enhanced with Sensorex’s ERP technology which provides a complex path which protects the reference in the presence of interacting ions such as proteins, silver and sulfides that interact with silver or chloride. Heavy duty high temperature reference gels offer protection against thermal breakdown of the gel. The same electrode is used for in-line or submersion applications and is constructed in a chemically resistant PPS body. Current installed S650CD submersion installations utilizing S653 or S653TC vintage cap/cables, can utilize an EA890 adapter to interface the new 8000 series sensor without replacing the original cable assembly. There are 2 choices for new submersion installations. A simple non TC submersion EA891 interface when no ATC is required. For installations requiring solution grounds and/or ATC (automatic temperature compensation), the main EA899TC interface should be used. In-line mounting is accomplished using the main EA899 or EA899TC adapter along with the FC800 flow cell. The main EA interface can be ordered with or without ATC elements.

For applications which require more than a direct electrode output, plug-in electronic modules are available. The first three available are:

a.     Battery powered unity gain module EM800

b.    Battery powered differential module EM801

c.     Blind 2 wire 4-20 mA transmitter EM802/pH or EM802/ORP

Cap/cables are available in two standard lengths, 10 feet and 25 feet. Both cap cable utilize an 8 pin connector.


Want to change from in-line to submersion or visa-versa?

No problem, use most or all of the parts you currently have and just order any additional modular parts you may need.


Need to change the signal from a direct electrode output to 4-20mA?

No problem, just order the 4-20mA module and plug it between the interface and cap cable. If you prefer an independent pH or ORP transmitter for local display, our TX100 transmitter can provide this solution,

or you can interface your S8000 platform to your favorite make and model of instrumentation.


The S8000 series platform is your liquid

analytical solution for pH and ORP

-     Modular Flat Surface pH/ORP Electrodes

-     Configurable for In-line or Submersion Use

-     Optional plug-in Electronic Interfaces

-     Enhanced Sensorex ERP Reference System

-     REDOX, HF and Low Ionic Solution Options

-     Resist Coating

-     Resist Abrasion



1)     pH Range:

0 - 14pH (0-12.3pH with low Na+ ion error)

2)     Temperature Range:

0-100 Degrees Celsius, de-rated under pressure.

0-80 Degrees Celsius, when mounted in flow cell

or 70 Degrees Celsius with electronic module.

3)     Pressure Range:

0-100 psig (7.5 Bar), de-rated under temperature

4)     Reference Type:

Double Junctions, Sensorex ERP System

5)     Optional Models:

ORP Redox Electrode: -1000mV to +1000mV

6)     HF resistant pH electrode:

0-12pH, 0-50 degrees Celsius




S8000 pH and ORP Electrode Datasheet