TCS3000 and 3020 Series Toroidal Conductivity Sensors

TCS3000 and 3020 Series Toroidal Conductivity Sensors

Designed to resist coatings and fouling for trouble free long service life.

Dependable toroidal technology is now a cost effective alternative to contacting conductivity sensors.

The Sensorex TCS series toroidal inductive conductivity sensors features a wide measurement range and dependability of toroidal technology. Two models are available. The TCS3000 is designed for 0-2,000 mS range and the TCS3020 is designed for optimal performance in the 0-100mS range. Resistant to corrosion, coatings and fouling common to contacting conductivity sensors, the TCS series is designed for trouble free long service life. Noryl is the standard material of construction and has a wide solvent tolerance and temperature stability to 105 degrees C. Optional PEEK models will be available in the future. All models can be submersed by utilizing the 3/4”MNPT threads on the sensor or installed in 2” NPT tees for in-line deployment. ATC element is user specified and built into the TCS sensor. Whether you choose the TCS 3000 or TCS 3020 as an OEM component to your toroidal controller, for use with a Sensorex TCSMA toroidal transmitter or as a replacement for Rosemount or Foxboro, you receive superior quality at a competitive price.

-       Resists coating, corrosion and fouling

-       Durable Noryl construction

-       Easy installation

-       Optional PEEK version available soon

-       Connects to Sensorex TCSMA, Rosemount or Foxboro Instrumentation



1)     Measuring Range

TCS3000 and TCS3020 - 0-2,000,000 uS/cm

2)     Body material

Noryl - (Optional PEEK will be available in the future)

3)     Max Temperature

105 Degrees C

4)     Max Pressure

150 psig

5)     Temp Comp

User specified temperature elements or -P1k for TCSMA transmittter.

6)     Cable length

20 feet, 6 conductor plus shields

7)     Process Connection

3/4" MNPT for submersion, 2" standard tee with A1001/A1002 adapter.




TCS3000 Toroidal Conductivity Datasheet~