TCSTX - Toroidal Conductivity with LCD

TCSTX - Toroidal Conductivity with LCD

The model TCSTX is designed for on-line monitoring of water treatment applications and aggressive process chemicals. This 4-Key menu driven transmitter with local display is ideally suited for applications

where 4 – 20mA signals are required and reliable instrumentation is critical. Key features include the menu driven field selectable measuring ranges, large dual segment high content display, adjustable temperature compensation (% deg C), isolated output and reversible cell drive. A NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure provides excellent durability. A variety of mounting choices are available for wall, panel, pipe or rail installation. Pair the TCSTX with a TCS-3020 toroidal sensor for trouble-free service. TCS-3020 sensors are offered in Noryl construction and can be mounted in a custom CPVC flow cell (p/n: FC95C) for in-line use.

-     4 – 20mA Isolated Output, Loop Powered 16 – 35VDC

-     Large Dual Segmented High Content Display Indicates

-     Conductivity & Process Temperature Simultaneously

-     User-adjustable Temperature Compensation (0 – 4% / deg C)

-     4-Key Menu Driven, Field Selectable Ranges

-     Adjustable Zero and Span

-     Nema 4X Enclosure with Multiple Mounting Configurations



1)     Full Scale Range

0-2,000 uS / 2.000 mS / 20.00 mS / 200.0 mS / 2000 mS - User selectable

2)     Sensitivity

0.05% of span or 0.1uS, whichever is greater

3)     Repeatability

0.3% of span, or 0.1uS, whichever is greater

4)     Non-linearity

0.3% of span or 0.1uS, whichever is greater

5)     Zero Drift

<1% span per month, non-cumulative

6)     Operating Conditions

-20 to 60deg C (-4 to 140 deg F) , 0-95% R.H. non-condensing conditions

7)     Storage Conditions

-30 to 70deg C(-22 to 158 deg F), , 0-95% R.H. non-condensing conditions

8)     Location

Designed for hazardous and non-hazardous areas

9)     EMI/RFI Influence

 Designed to EN 61326-1

10)  Temperature Drift

Span or zero, 0.03% of range/degC

11)  Stability

 0.1% of span per 24 hours

12)  Power Requirement

16-35V DC (2-wire device)

13)  Warm-up Time

7 seconds to rated performance

14)  Response time

6 seconds to 90% step input at lowest setting

15)  Output Isolation

600 V galvanic isolation

16)  Filter

Adjustable, 0-9.9 minutes additional dampening to 90% step input

17)  Enclosure

NEMA 4X (IP66) polycarbonate, wall, pipe or DIN Rail mount. Weatherproof and corrosion resistant.

18)  Dimensions

4.4" (112mm) H x 4.4'" (112mm) W x 3.5" (89mm) D.

19)  Display

Large, high-contrast, Super-Twist(STN) LCD 4-digit main display with sign, 0.75" (19.1mm) seven-segment characters, 12-digit alpha-numeric second line display, 0.3" (7.6mm) 5 x 7 dot matrix characters

20)  Keypad

4-key membrane type with tactile feedback, polycarbonate with UV coating, integral EMI/RFI static shield conductively coated window.

21)  Weight

1lb (0.45Kg)

22)  Conduit Openings

2 each PG-9. Cord grips included.

23)  Temperature Input

Selectable Pt100RTD or Pt1000RTD. ATC is user selectable 0-4%/Deg C

24)  Maximum Cable Length

200ft. (61.0m)




TCSTX Datasheet