Honeywell is one of the world's biggest brands for process control & instrumentation. With a wide range of products and industry-leading technologies, Honeywell and Hanang Gema Instrument can help your company improve your process. 

Pressure Transmitter

Measurement of pressure. High accuracy and reliability


Measurement of liquid and gas. High accuracy and reliability

Radar Level

Measurement of level. High accuracy and non-contact

Guided Wave Radar Level

Measurement of level. Very high accuracy

Control system

All the control system hardware for your process

Temperature transmitter

High accuracy temperature transmitter for your process needs

Transmitter tools

For configuring your Honeywell trasmitters on site

Control valves

High accuracy control valves for flow control

Recorder paperless

Keep track of your process values

Recorder circular

Hard copy record of your process values


Easy to program controllers for basic control

pH/ ORP Sensor

Measure the pH of your liquid

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Measure the oxygen level of your liquid

Gas analyzer

High accuracy gas analyzer

Wireless transmitter

Communication without wires


High accuracy conductivity sensor


Your high accuracy actuator for control valve applications