Pro 40 - Single Wavelength Visual Aiming Pyrometer

Pro 40 - Single Wavelength Visual Aiming Pyrometer

PRO 40 Series Visual Aiming Pyrometers include a complete selection of wavelengths, optics and configurations to enable measurements of both traditional and challenging applications in industrial environments. With advanced, easy-to-use capabilities, PRO 40 Series Sensors provide highly accurate measurements for:

- General purpose applications

- Unique materials such as thin film plastics, glass, or painted/coated surfaces

- Applications with intervening media such as, steam, water vapor, flames, or combustible gases that have the potential to interfere with a sensor's measurement accuracy.


 Key Features:

1)     Temperature Range:

0° to 4500°F / 0° to 2475°C (varies by model)

2)     Spectral Response:

Complete range of short, long and specialty wavelengths

3)     Optical Resolution: 

Range of optics with nominal spot size based on 90% of energy

4)     Accuracy:

0.25% of Reading or 2°C whichever is greater

5)     Repeatability:
 Better than 1°C 




Pro Series Datasheet


Single Wavelength Brochure