Single Wavelength - Silver Series C Class Infared Pyrometers

Single Wavelength - Silver Series C Class Infared Pyrometers

C Class infrared pyrometers offer current, voltage or thermocouple outputs with a fixed emissivity setting of 0.95. In the 4-wire configuration, a second 4-20 mA output provides the internal sensor temperature which can also be used as an indication of the process ambient temperatures surrounding the sensor.

 The C9A Class has a 4-20 mA output plus a 4-20 mA input for remote emissivity adjustment. The emissivity can be supplied by a PLC or adjusted manually with the optional Emissivity Adjuster (EA) Module.


 Key Features: 

1)     Temperature Range:
 -4 to 932°F / -20 to 500°C (varies by model)

2)     Accuracy:
 +/- 1% of Reading or +/- 1°C whichever is greater

3)     Repeatability:
 +/- 0.5% of Reading or +/- 0.5°C whichever is greater

4)     Response Time: 
 240 ms (90% of response)

5)     Dimensions: 
 0.7in / 18mm Diameter x 4in / 103mm Long





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