The Sensorex facility is located in Garden Grove,California. It has more than 2050 m2 and incorporates the latest inovations in electrode manufacturing technology. OEM's around the world depend on Sensorex to provide premium qulaity and dependable sensing technology.

Sensorex areas or expertise include pH, ORP (Redox), Conductivity (contacting and inductive), galvanic dissolved oxygen, Free Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide and other ana lytical sensors. Sensorex ships over 250,000 sensors per year world wide.


S200 Series pH Electrode

S8000 Series pH and ORP Electrode


TCS3000 Toroidal Conductivity Sensor 

Sanitary Conductivity/ Resistivity Sensor


Dissolved Oxygen


Chlorine Dioxide Sensor

Free Chlorine Sensor


TX3000 pH/ mV Transmitter - 4 Wire


TX100 pH/ mV Loop Powered Transmitter

CT1000 Blind Contacting Conductivity Transmitter

CON500 Contacting Conductivity Transmitter

CON3000 Conductivity/ Resistivity/ Salinity Transmitter - 4 Wire

TCSMA - Toroidal Conductivity without LCD


TCSTX - Toroidal Conductivity with LCD