SpecView 32

SpecView 32

SpecView Plus is a low cost, auto-configuring SCADA package which communicates with control and monitoring instruments from the worlds leading suppliers.

Designed for people who have better things to do than configure software, SpecView features:

Ø  Quick Start Automatic Configuration (for most products)

Ø  Instrument Views - more than just "faceplates"

Ø  Graphical User Interface– create/re-use objects, Import Bitmaps

Ø  Trend Charts - Unlimited Charts and Unlimited Pens

Ø  Historical Replay of Trend Charts and Complete Screens

Ø  Data Logging with Custom Reports, Automated Batch Reports

Ø  Recipe System including SP Programmer Access

Ø  Strategy Controller (Event/Action List) for Automation

Ø  Event Logging – Operator Actions

Ø  Alarm Monitoring and Logging

Ø  Remote Stations over Ethernet

Ø  Ethernet Connectivity to Products

Ø  DDE, OPC Client Options





SpecView 32 Overview


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