RTU 2020

RTU 2020

The Honeywell RTU2020 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is a powerful, modular and scalable controller capable of all remote automation and control applications. In conjunction with Honeywell’s feature-rich SCADA products, it provides an integrated solution that solves complex remote automation requirements for oil and gas fields. With Experion® SCADA, it helps users visualize what they need to know to simplify management of field assets.




What Is It?

With Honeywell’s new RTU2020 remote terminal unit, users will have 20/20 vision into realizing the production potential of their distributed assets through efficient remote monitoring, diagnostic and asset management capabilities.

The RTU2020 is designed to withstand harsh environments and for easy deployment at remote sites. It also allows remote maintenance, thereby reducing the need to travel to the field. This solution offers a unique combination of capabilities such as:

-         Low power consumption, making it ideal for operation on solar power.

-         Removable and plug-in terminal blocks, simplifying wiring and reducing time for cabinet assembly.

-         Built-in HART I/O with Field Device Manager integration.

-         Efficient remote management across hundreds to thousands of RTUs.


How Does It Work?

​The RTU2020 engineering environment supports IEC61131-1 standard language. It can be programmed to automate users' applications, and integration with Experion SCADA enables remote monitoring and control of oil and gas fields.

RTU2020 offers flexible communication, thereby allowing deployment to a wide variety of existing or new networks types such as GPS, GPRS, and CDMA. Users can locally store critical data during a communication outage or a period of very low bandwidth, allowing recovery of data at a later time.


What Problems Does It Solve?

Honeywell’s RTU2020 helps facilities effectively manage complex remote automation and control applications, while ensuring lower total cost of ownership. Typical applications include:

-         Well-head monitoring & control

-         Data concentrator

-         Gas flow metering

-         Block-valve automation

-         Pump and compressor control

-         Gas stations.



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