Operator Interface HCiX TouchScreen

Operator Interface HCiX TouchScreen


HCiX series operator interfaces allow operator to access all controller functions through custom graphics and touch screen interface on color LCD display.alt

There are 3 models available :

  • HCiX 10  : 10.4” Color TFT LCD (256 colors), Touch Screen (Analog/Resistive Type)
  • HCiX 12  : 12.1” Color TFT LCD (256 colors), Touch Screen (Analog/Resistive Type)
  • HCiX 15  : 15.0” Color TFT LCD (256 colors), Touch Screen (Analog/Resistive Type)


  • Color TFT LCD is standard on all HCiX models. It is a high quality display with wide viewing angle. It provides up to 256 real colors.
  • Touch Screen (Resistive Type). Operator can do changes to parameters by touching the screen directly. It offers much easier operation than the conventional keyboard.
  • The HCiX uses a 32 bit RISC CPU for hig speed graphic processing.
  • IP65 Front Enclosure. In case of “No front USB Port” model,Front face is IP65F rated to permit use in tough applications where the HCiX is subjected to moisture, dust etc. But for models with front USB Port, the front face protection is IP64 rating.
  • RS-232C and RS-422/485 serial ports and Ethernet are standard features. Additionally Profibus communication adapter is also supported. Custom interface designs can be downloaded via RS-232C, Ethernet and USB communication and by using USB and CF Card memory.
  • Data Storage. HCiX support CF Card and USB memory interface to log high capacity data. The logged data can be analyzed and printed via CF Viewer application program. (CF Viewer is supplied as standard)
  • Multi-Language Support. Language selection can be made on screen. Choices include English/Korean or English/Chinese
  • HCiX Designer software is offered as standard package. Custom designed graphics can be variables, and those variables can be selected without register addressing.
  • Various Objects (Tags). HCiX designer offers wide verity of design tools such as numeral, lamp, message, alarm, keypad, graph, animation, window, etc. It makes the design of displays (Monitoring / Operating) a breeze.



HCiX Series Datasheet