ML200 - Programmable Logic Controller

ML200 - Programmable Logic Controller

Honeywell's next generation Programmable Logic Controllers providing real power, performance and versatility with compact size, high speed scanning of I/O channels and execution of program instructions, open network via Ethernet, ProfibusTM-DP, DeviceNetTM, remote I/O and engineer-friendly programming & diagnostic software tools.

MasterLogic-200 is a workhorse in an industrial logic control application. It’s speed and power are truly state of the art, apart from being compact in size. Scan times are as low as 10-15 milliseconds (typical, estimated) even a large scale and program intensive application e.g. 3500 I/Os and 50Ksteps of program instructions.












Ø  Powerful and versatile CPU

Ø  Over 50 types of I/O Modules.

Ø  Open Network 

Ø  Program Simulator

Ø  IEC61131-3 Standard Programming.

Ø  OPC DA server Supported.

Ø  Diagnostics

Ø  Compact Size

Ø  Remote IO’s on FiberOptic


Benefits to the Customer    

Ø  High speed with enhanced memory

Ø  Supports Profibus DP, DeviceNet, Modbus (Serial and Ethernet)

Ø  Has the ability to test programs offline without the CPU.

Ø  Self Diagnostics – Network diagnostics, System logs, Auto Scan, Monitoring system.

Ø  Compact pocket size modules – Rack room & cabinet space saver.

Ø  Remote IO’s supported on 10/100MBPS Fiber Optic for improved scan time.



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