ML 50 Programmable Logic Controller

ML 50 Programmable Logic Controller

titleHoneywell’s new ML50 compact PLC, with its innovative architecture combines power and versatility to help provide performance in a slim, compact and affordable solution. With its high performance and functionality, the new ML50 PLC offer economical automation platform for many industrial control applications. The ML50 family can be used just as I/O, as a standalone PLC or as a distributed control. It offers broad selection of Base modules, Expansion I/O modules, Various network interface options and some special modules to enhance control capabilities.



  • Compactness — ML50 series is very compact but provides powerful functions and performance. Compact & Powerful performance is ML50’s steadfast competitiveness.





Main Unit




Expansion Modules




  • High Performance — With its high-speed processing and system capability, ML50 series offers utmost efficiency for your applications.
    • 60ns/Step processing speed and floatingpoint arithmetic with on-board CPU
    • Up to 7 expansion modules, 480 I/O point control – PLC system for low-to-mid level applications
    • Up to 5 communication ports with built-infunctions and expansion modules
  • Easiness & Convenience — ML50 series offers convenient user interface with various network diagnosis & monitoring functions and back-up functions.
    • Enhanced user interface
    • Various monitoring functions
    • Network diagnosis & monitoring
    • Battery less back-up
  • Functionality — With its powerful and various builtin functions, ML series can provide optimum solution for your automation task.
    • RS-232, RS-485 Communications
    • 2-axis positioning functions
    • High-speed counter
    • PID Control
    • Various input processing like Pulse catch, Input Filter
  • Integrated programming & Debug Environment — ML50 series offers enhanced programming convenience and various monitoring / diagnosis functions.
    • Programming flexibility with 706 instructions (28 basic instructions, 678 application instructions)
    • Multi –PLC, Multi-program management
    • Integrated network setting, monitoring & diagnosis
    • Convenient variable editing
    • Compatibility with Microsoft Excel
    • Device, Special module & Custom event monitoring
    • Trend monitor
  • Easy Expansion — With its detachable terminal block and MIL connector, ML50 provides easy and convenient way for wiring and module change. For expansion of PLC system, each expansion module can be easily connected and separated by its direct-insert method.



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