DR4500 Truline and Classic Circular Chart Recorder

DR4500 Truline and Classic Circular Chart Recorder

The DR4500 circular chart recorder is a 12" digital circular chart recorder that delivers top performance to meet your process recording needs. The DR4500 recorder comes in several models that address specific needs and markets.

  • The DR4500 Truline prints its own chart, recording up to four process variables on the same timeline, eliminating errors caused by temperature and humidity changes that affect the paper.
  • The HTST/pasteurization flow model (DR45AH/AP/AS) combines the broad capabilities of Honeywell's Truline recorders with the special features needed to record and control the pasteurization process.
  • The wastewater version (DR45AW) of the Truline provides the features required for industrial and municipal wastewater monitoring and recording, including Weir, Parshall flume and Palmer-Bowlus calculations.
  • The DR4500 classic recorder (DR45A1/DR45A2) uses the traditional fiber tip pens and pre-printed charts.









  • Analog & Digital I/O - The DR4500 supports up to 4 analog inputs that handle T/C, RTD and Linear input sensor types, allowing direct connection of the sensor to the recorder. Up to 2 Digital inputs and 6 relay outputs are available to interface discrete ON/OFF conditions with the recorder; the outputs can be used to trigger an external alarm, activate a switch or valve or for PID control. The digital inputs can be used to initiate internal recorder actions or be set up for event recording. Up to three 4 - 20ma outputs are available for control and/or retransmission of the process variable.
  • PID Control - the DR4500 Recorder supports up to integral 2 PID controllers with set point programming capability.
  • Communications connectivity - the DR4500 supports a RS485 Modbus RTU communication link to allow process data to be read from the recorder in real time.
  • Display & Operator Interface - the DR4500 uses an alphanumeric vacuum fluorescent display to clearly show process and operation information for easy understanding of the current state of the process or recorder status.
  • Environmental Protection - the DR4500 comes standard with NEMA 3 front face protection and optional UL approved NEMA 4X front face protection to keep out water.
  • Waste Water Model - the DR45AW model includes calculations to handle flow type calculation for Weirs, Parshall flumes and Palmer-Bowlus calculations. It supports up to 4 totalizers plus has an optional pulse output to trigger chemical feed devices.
  • Pasteurization Model - the DR45AH/AP/AS model is designed to handle the documentation and diversion control requirements for pasteurization processes. The DR45AH model includes the additional control necessary for controlling the hot water process loop as well as the diversion control. The DR45AP model can be set up to control the flow and differential pressure through the pasteurizer along with the diversion control. The DR4500 Pasteurization model has been reviewed by the FDA for compliance to the PMO (Pasteurized Milk Ordnance) and is documented as part of the memorandum, M-b-345.



DPR4500 Datasheet