DR4300 10" Circular Chart Recorder

DR4300 10" Circular Chart Recorder

The DR4300 10" circular chart recorder is an economical, all-purpose microprocessor-based recorder that can handle a variety of process parameters such as temperature (T/C & RTD) and linear signals (mA, mV, Volts) from devices like temperature, humidity, pressure or flow transmitters. The DR4300 has two models (with or without a digital display) and a variety of options, allowing you to select the recorder that best meets your needs.

Typical applications include environmental monitoring, food and beverage, textile production, heat-treating, pharmaceutical production, monitoring of cold storage areas, flow monitoring and totalization.







                         DR4300A                                                            DR4300B



  • The DR4300 accurately records process variables such as temperature and pressure. Two models (with or without a digital display) are available.
  • The Enhanced DR4300 display model is available as a 1 or 2 pen device with options for alarms, up to two PID controllers, Modbus communications, totalization and timers.
  • The Basic DR4300 non-display model features an accuracy of +/-0.35 %, built-in self-testing, up to two inputs, and DIP-switch configuration.
  • Both models are UL/CSA/CE approved for those applications that require Agency approval. There is also a FM approved limit version available.
  • Communications connectivity - the DR4300 Enhanced version supports a RS485 Modbus RTU communication link to allow process data to be read from the recorder in real time.
  • Display & Operator Interface - the DR4300 uses an alphanumeric vacuum fluorescent display to clearly show process and operation information for easy understanding of the current state of the process or recorder status.
  • Environmental Protection - the DR4300 comes standard with NEMA 3 front face protection and optional heavy-duty stainless steel door for improved front face protection to keep out water.



DPR4300 Datasheet