Gladiator Vibration Smart Switch Series

Gladiator Vibration Smart Switch Series

Principle of Operations 

A stainless steel tuning fork is driven by piezo ceramic elements, causing it to vibrate at its resonant frequency. When the material to be detected covers the fork, vibrations are damped. The changed vibration is sensed electronically, and the processed signal is used to switch a relay for indication or control purposes.


Primary Areas of Applicationsnull

Ø  Brewing

Ø  Cement

Ø  Chemical

Ø  Dairy

Ø  Edible oil

Ø  Fertilizer

Ø  Food & Beverage

Ø  Glass

Ø  Mining & Metals

Ø  Oil & Gas

Ø  Packaging

Ø  Paint

Ø  Paper

Ø  Pharmaceutical

Ø  Plastics

Ø  Power Generation

Ø  Refining

Ø  Semiconductor

Ø  Sugar

Ø  Textile

Ø  Water & Wastewater



Ø  Suitable for a wide range of solids and liquids

Ø  Heavy duty construction

Ø  Simple ‘1-minute’ setup

Ø  Remote sensor or Smart ‘all in one’ types

Ø  Relay outputs: Smart probe (1) Remote (2)

Ø  Remote test function

Ø  Adjustable ON and OFF delays (0-20 sec)

Ø  Smart communication options: GosHawk,

Ø  Modbus, HART, Profibus DP, DeviceNet

Ø  Remote GSM Connection option

Ø  Remote amplifier to probe separation up to 500 m (1640 ft)

Ø  Bright visual status indication on probe

Ø  Independent housing alignment after mounting thread locked



Gladiator Vibration Datasheet