Measure and record pH values in the lab or field using the PH-1 accessory. The supplied app provides real time display of pH, millivolts, ambient tem­perature and solution temperature. Simply plug in the PH-1 to your iPhone or iPod and follow instructions to download your FREE app from Apple Apps Store. iPad users can also run this app. An iPad optimized version is sched­uled for July 2012 release.

-     Measures pH with accuracy to .01 pH

-     Displays both ambient and solution temperature

-     Supports 1, 2, 3 or more calibration points

-     Records measurements with timestamp and geographic coordinates

-     View data history by date or location

-     Sends readings by e-mail(individual or .csv file)



·         Environmental testing and monitoring

When used with a GPS enabled device, the pH Meter application will record where and when your measurements were taken. Results can be grouped by location or date, and emailed to a central records office. Using the pH Meter app eliminates the chances or transcription errors, and improves efficiency.

·         Education

Ideal for the classroom – the pH Meter application makes it fun to measure and record pH values. It is an excellent tool for teaching the chemistry of acids/bases, and introductory electrochemistry. Students can install the app on their own iPod or iPhone, and share a single sensor for experiments.

·         Industrial

Suitable for any process where pH measurements are routinely performed. By recording the pH value with a time stamp and location, this app elimi­nates any chance of mistakes when recording readings. Works with location aware devices to log the coordinates where readings were taken for analysis and auditing purposes.



1)     pH Measuring Range


2)     mV Measuring Range

-1250 to 1250Mv

3)     Solution Temperature Range

0-100° C

4)     Ambient Temperature

0 to 40° C

5)     Accuracy/Resolution

pH +/- 0.01pH** mV +/- 1mV Soln Temp +/- 0.1° C** Ambient Temp +/- 2° C***

6)     Analog to Digital

pH/mV 13bit Temperature 10bit

7)     Power Supply

from iPhone/

8)     Power Consumption

operating <5mA**** standby <3mA

9)     pH Sensor Connection


10)  Temperature Connection

2.5mm plug

11)  Temperature Sensor





pH1* - IPOD/ IPHONE/ IPAD pH Datasheet