CT1000 - Pt Loop Powered Blind Contacting Conductivity Transmitter

CT1000 - Pt Loop Powered Blind Contacting Conductivity Transmitter

The model CT-1000 (encapsulated miniature transmitter) is a 2-wire,loop-powered, 4-20mA blind conductivity transmitter featur­ing encapsulated construction, high performance and compact size.

Connect a conductivity cell of k=0.1 or 1.0 to it to obtain a 4-20mA output that is proportional to the conductivity level. This output may be transmitted over 2 wires to a control location. The same 2 wires provide power to the transmitter. Any DC power supply from 12 to 36V DC may be used. There are two adjustments on the transmitter to standardize the conductivity output marked as “SPAN” and “ZERO”. The output can be monitored with a loop-powered meter, a loop resistor or a multimeter during the standardization process.

The CT1000 requires a 10K NTC for temperature compensation and has a 3-wire sensor input.

The CT1000-Pt requires a Pt1000RTD for temperature compensation and has a 4-wire sensor input.

-     Competitively priced

-     Easy-to-use & Compact Size

-     4-20mA loop-powered

-     Adjustable zero and span

-     Fully encapsulated



1)     Measuring Range

0-50uS/cm (k=0.1), 5-500uS (k=0.1), 0-5000uS (k=1.0) or inquire for custom ranges

2)     Linearity

+/- 2% of span

3)     Dimensions

1.5"(38mm)W x 2.0"(51mm)L x 1.6"(41mm)H

4)     Operating Temperature

-25 to 70 Degrees C

5)     Temperature Compensation

0-50 Degrees C with 10K NTC (in electrode) for CT1000, 0-100 Degrees C with Pt1000RTD(in electrode) for CT1000

6)     Output


7)     Power Requirement

12-36V DC, 0-750 Ohm load resistor

8)     Reverse Polarity Protection

Via Internal diode




CT1000 Datasheet