Process Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Process Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

For aquaculture and wastewater, our process dissolved oxygen probes are design for long term deployment. They feature reliable and fast responding galvanic technology with mV or 4-20 mA outputs. In addition, customization is available to tailor DO sensors for specific applications or packaging requirements.

The DO6400 & 7400 series dissolved oxygen sensors feature a large capacity electrolyte holder, positive fit, easy to replace membrane and dependable galvanic cell technology for long term deployment. The body design ensures a good grip when wet. Ideal for aquaculture and wastewater monitoring applications, these sensors require minimal maintenance. PTFE or High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) membranes are available. 2 Replacement membranes, installation tool and electrolyte are included. Additonal maintennace parts are in convenient kits (see ordering information). Sensors with mV output as well as built-in 4-20mA output in 0-100% and 0-200% saturation range are available.

-     Large solution capacity for long term deployment

-     Models with and without temperature sensor

-     Easy installation and maintenance

-     mV or 4-20mA output models available



1)     O2 Measuring Range

DO6400, DO6400TC (0.5-20ppm), DO6441(0-100%), DO6442(0-200%)

DO7400, DO7400TC (0.03-20ppm), DO7441(0-100%), DO7442(0-200%)

2)     Body Material


3)     Cathode


4)     Anode

Zinc (DO6400 Series), Lead (DO7400 Series)

5)     Maximum Temperature


6)     Power Requirement

12-36V DC (for models DO6441, DO6442, DO7441 and DO7442 only )

7)     Temperature Sensor

(User specified temperature elements) Connect to your controller or PLC for temperature output

8)     Cable length

10 feet, tinned leads

9)     Minimum Flow rate

2 inches per second

10)  Output @ Air Saturation

HDPE DO6400 & DO7400 (45mV +/- 9mV) PTFE DO6400 & DO7400 (33mV +/- 9mV)

HDPE & PTFE DO6441, DO7441(0-100%) - fixed 4 - 4.5mA = <1 ppm DO

HDPE & PTFE DO6441, DO7441 (0-100%)- fixed 18-22 mA = saturated air

HDPE & PTFE DO6442- fixed 4 - 4.5mA = <1 ppm DO

HDPE & PTFE DO6442- fixed 11-13 mA = saturated air




Dissolved Oxygen Datasheet