XYR 6000 SmartCET Wireless Corrosion Monitoring Transmitter

Building upon the tremendously successful ST 3000 series transmitter line; Honeywell brings simple, safe, and secure wireless technology to its measurement portfolio with the XYR 6000 Series Wireless Transmitters.

The XYR 6000 series measurements are part of Honeywell's OneWireless Solution.

Measurement and information without wires!  XYR 6000 wireless transmitters enable customers to obtain data and create information from remote and hazardous measurement locations without the need to run wires, where running wire is cost prohibitive and/or the measurement is in a hazardous location.  Without wires, transmitters can be installed and operational in minutes, quickly providing information back to your system.

The XYR 6000 SmartCET transmitter utilizes state-of-the-art algorithms and data analysis techniques to accurately measure corrosion rate and pitting.

The CETW6000M model provides four outputs, which include general corrosion rate, an indicator for localized corrosion (Pitting Factor), Stern-Geary constant (B-value), and fourth variable to help diagnose the corrosion mechanism. The transmitter connects to the process environment through a process specific probe and electrode combination.



  • CETW6000M: four outputs -general corrosion rate, an indicator for localized corrosion (Pitting Factor), Stern-Geary constant (B-value), and fourth variable to help diagnose the corrosion mechanism
  • Wireless communications dramatically reduces installation costs       
  • Integration with Experion PKS and other control systems provides local measurement accuracy to the system level without adding typical A/D and D/A converter inaccuracies.
  • Added "smart" features include configuring lower and upper range values and selecting preprogrammed engineering units for display.
  • Wireless capabilities mean significant manpower efficiency improvements in commissioning, start-up, and ongoing maintenance functions.
  • XYR 6000 wireless transmitters send information to a multinode or series of multinodes creating a MESH infrastructure.
  • Wireless System Gateways (WSG) provide the path to bring that information into Experion PKS or any other control system wirelessly via OPC client or Modbus/TCP. 
  • Each multinode accepts signals from up to 20 wireless transmitters reporting at 1 second, and up to 400 transmitters reporting at slower rates. Up to 20 multinodes can be implemented in the same infrastructure.
  • Transmitter power is supplied by two "D" size lithium batteries with a lifetime of up to ten years.  Transmitter range with the integral antenna is 1000' (305 m) under ideal conditions.
  • Optional remote high gain antennas can significantly increase coverage
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