OneWireless Universal Mesh Network

Honeywell's OneWireless multi-function wireless mesh network supports wireless-enabled applications within a single wireless network, to optimize plant productivity and reliability, improve safety and security, and ensure regulatory compliance.

The Honeywell OneWireless™ Network is a multi-application, multi-standard industrial wireless network that extends the process control network into the field.



What Is It?

OneWireless Network is made up of the following components:

Ø  Honeywell OneWireless Field Device Access Point (FDAP): An industrial meshing access point for ISA100 Wireless field instruments.

Ø  Honeywell OneWireless Wireless Device Manager: Manages the wireless field instrument network and all wireless field devices, including ISA100 Wireless field instruments, FDAPs, the field instrument radio embedded in the access points and any wired field devices with an ISA100 Wireless Adapter

Ø  Cisco® Aironet® 1552S Access Point: An industrial meshing access point for IEEE 802.11 devices and ISA100 Wireless field instruments

Ø  Cisco Wireless Controller: Manages the IEEE 802.11 network and all IEEE 802.11 devices connected to the network.


How Does It Work?

OneWireless Network offers the following features:

Ø  Flexibility and scalability: Honeywell meets a site’s specific wireless network needs with a rich portfolio of industrial access points and wireless field instruments.

Ø  Wired-like performance with 250 ms latency.

Ø  Best-in-class data availability with wall-to-wall dual paths between ISA100 Wireless field instruments and host applications.

Ø  Superior wireless security with end-to-end AES-128-bit encryption, unique join keys and rotating session keys.

Ø  Great user experience with no software to install, an intuitive user interface, and over-the-air firmware upgrade and provisioning.

Ø  Easy integration with the richest portfolio of interfaces, including Modbus, OPC, HART, Experion CDA, GCI and Honeywell Enraf.

Ø  Lowest cost of ownership with savings of up to $3,000 per access point and annual savings of $10,000 in maintenance costs.


What Problems Does It Solve?

The OneWireless Network allows users to:

Ø  Cost-effectively and quickly roll out battery-powered wireless transmitters.

Ø  Collect additional process data and meet HSE regulations at lower costs.

Ø  Empower their workforce with remote access to process data and other plant-related information.

Ø  Enhance plant security by cost-effectively implementing wireless CCTV cameras.

Ø  Improve personnel safety with portable wireless and fixed gas detectors.

Ø  Connect remote controllers to the central control system.


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