Single Wavelength - Silver Series C/ U Class

Single Wavelength - Silver Series C/ U Class

The Silver Series is a family of compact industrial infrared pyrometers. They are recommended for applications that typically involve:

-         Target temperatures below 1000°F / 550°C

-         Non-reflective target materials

-         Moving targets

-         A need for a small sensor size

-         High reliability and performance

The Silver Series contains the latest advances in digital processing to provide the most accurate, repeatable, and reliable measurements for this type of sensor. With a choice of sensor configurations and outputs, they are easy to install and maintain. 
Features include:

-         1% or +/-1°C accuracy from -40 to 1832°F (-40 to 1000°C)

-         A choice of D/2, D/15, D/30 and Close Focus optics

-         8-14μm wavelength and 2-2.4μm wavelength

-         Line of sight alignment with optional external laser aiming

-         2-wire or 4-wire configurations

-         4-20mA and voltage outputs which are linear with temperature

-         J, K or T Thermocouple outputs

-         USB 2.0 interface

-         OPC server capabilities

-         Internal sensor and process ambient temperature output

-         3ft/1m electrical cable with optional extended lengths

-         Emissivity settings are offered as fixed or adjustable

-         Stainless steel NEMA4X (IP65)

-         Optional accessories such as mounting brackets, water cooling, and air purge

Single Wavelength - Silver Series C Class

Single Wavelength - Silver Series U Class