TPC System - Temperature Process Control System - Aluminum Extrusion

TPC System - Temperature Process Control System - Aluminum Extrusion

A proven design that delivers breakthrough results


Despite the fact that control systems and infrared thermometers are commonly used in the aluminum extrusion industry, theTemperature Process Control (TPC) System is the first to effectively merge these two technologies to deliver true automatic temperature-based control in a system that is easy to use.
Williamson Corporation and SAI Automation have partnered to develop this innovative system which integrates Best Practices Standards with simple and effective closed loop controls to effectively optimize press performance and enable a process for continuous improvement.

Unique TPC features include:

  • Real-time temperature-based closed loop control
  • Continuous optimization of profile temperatures at the platen exit for isothermal control
  • Continuous optimization of billet feed temperatures
  • Automatic compensation for varying operating conditions
  • Recipe and order management modules that organize and apply Best Practices Standards for each die and each order
  • TPC screens in international languages including: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Russian, and others
  • Advanced Utilities and Reports to automatically capture critical process data
  • Flexible design to integrate with existing control systems
  • Advanced options to optimize tapered billet heating, nitrogen die cooling, and quench rates
  • Installation and training in less than one week with little or no downtime



  • Increase press speeds by 10 to 20% and more.
  • Improve product quality with better surface finish, fewer defects, and reduced scrap rates.
  • More consistent press performance as each operator runs the press using the optimized TPC recipes.
  • Improve production scheduling with more consistent and efficient performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Make informed decisions about process improvements with TPC’s detailed process and production data.
  • Optional liquid nitrogen cooling module typically increases press speed by 30%, reduces nitrogen consumption by 40%, increases die life by 20%, and improves surface finish.


A System for Continous Process Improvement


The Temperature Process Control System for Aluminum Extrusion enables a systematic and scientific approach to define, implement and evaluate Best Practice Standards for the extrusion process. The foundation of the system is a Recipe Database that makes it easy to optimize and integrate the Best Practice Standards into the daily operation of the press.






The Recipe and Order Manger make it easy for each operator to setup and use recipes that are optimized for the unique requirements of the press, the profile and the condition of the die

With each operator on each shift using the Best Practice Standard, the consistency of the press performance is dramatically improved.

The Control Module uses live temperature feedback to enable automatic closed loopcontrol of the billet feed temperatures and the profile temperatures at the platen exit.

These automatic adjustments to the process help to maintain optimal results for each operator, shift, and changing process condition.

The Best Extrusion Analyzer uses the average ram speed and recovery rate to automatically capture the recipes used for the top five extrusions of each die.

This utility provides a quick and easy way to analyze and update the optimal values for each recipe.

The Reporting Module captures data that can be queried, viewed, and exported by billet, by order, by shift, by die copy, and by date.

Saves and organizes critical process and production data to aid in continuous process improvements.