Dual Wavelength - Pro Series 80/ 90 Class Infrared Pyrometers

Dual Wavelength - Pro Series 80/ 90 Class Infrared Pyrometers

Williamson Pro Series Dual Wavelength Pyrometers feature state of the art technology to provide accurate and reliable measurements for traditional and challenging applicatons.


Advanced Capabilities of Dual Wavelength Pyrometers

   Greater Accuracy

-         Pro 80/90 Pyrometers automatically compensate for emissivity variations of greybody material.

   Greater Reliablity

-         Industry-leading signal dilution capability eliminates the need for precise alignment and improves accuracy in hostile environments where the target energy is diluted by intervening media.

-         Patented ESP Filters enable Dual Wavelength Sensors to recognize extreme intermittent measurement conditions and ONLY report VALID temperature values.

   Simple Installation and Operation

-         Text-based menu system assures easy setup and operation.

-         A complete selection of wavelengths, optics, sensor configurations and accessories ensures each sensor can be designed for the specific requirements of each application.

-         Built-in signal strength/emiissivity and signal dilution measurements continuously verify process conditions. For example: Validating Sensor Alignment and Surface Properties of Metals.

Standard Features of Pro Series Dual Wavelength Pyrometers

-         Temperature Limits: 200 - 4500˚F / 95 - 2475˚ C

-         Line of sight, visual aiming, laser aiming and fiber optic aim light alignment options

-         A selection of narrow band wavelengths for precise measurement on demandiing applications

-         Use as Stand-Alone transmitter or connected to a panel meter, recorder, PID Controller or PLC

-         Programmable 4-20mA and voltage outputs, as well as RS232 and RS485 communications

-         Built-in human interface with intuitive text based menu for sensor adjustments

-         Rugged NEMA4X (IP65), NEMA7 and CENELEC enclosures

-         2 Year Warranty

Dual Wavelength - Pro Series 80                    


 Dual Wavelength - Pro Series 90